TRAVEL:  This is part of the journey where you are really comfortable traveling with Jesus.  Your journey is no longer compartmentalized between different aspects of your life but is one integrated adventure.  You readily share your faith with others, even outside the church (work, friends) and readily offer to pray for others.  You turn to the Bible for wisdom.  You begin to realize that you  will not have answers to all your  questions.      

Navigation Guide/GPS:  This third clover leaf on our highway helps people become fully devoted disciples, or followers of Jesus.  Not only have they said “Yes” to following Jesus, but they are looking for new and exciting ways to grow in their faith and bring others with them on the journey.  While you Travel, you’ll need:

Regular Maintenance

You may need to expand your toolbox to better study Scripture, pray more effectively, learn new ways to serve, or understand others’ Christian and non-Christian perspectives.  You’ll want to learn how to share your faith with others.  You may even be called to get out of your comfort zone by having your faith tested. 

Passengers & Pit Crew

Your Small Group is like family and they travel with you a lot.  You may consider having an accountability partner to share your thoughts and struggles.  You will develop meaningful relationships with others who are sharing their journeys with Jesus (some might include: mission partners and missionaries). You’ll have the opportunity to invite others to begin their own journeys; we call these folks your Plus Ones.     

Roadside Kit 

  • While you are traveling with Jesus, the Bible is like your favorite pair of jeans.  You are memorizing passages and trusting your Heavenly Father to hear you and guide you with the Holy Spirit.  You are using other tools (dictionaries, concordances, commentaries, various translations).
  • Practicing the Spiritual Disciplines can help you hear from God and have Him direct you on your journey.  Expect the Holy Spirit to surprise you with spectacular gifts.
  • You will have opportunities to join others on mission trips, or lead others on their journey.  You may help serve at worship services so that others can enter into God’s throne room. 
  • Prayer appointments and special prayer opportunities help God to heal you and prepare you for harder journeys. It becomes very natural to pray throughout the day in all circumstances and situations.  Mosaic has a course that can help you grow deeper in your prayer life. 
  • In addition to your time, you realize that you are a steward of all that God has blessed you with, including your finances, and you look for ways to increase His investment. Financial Peace University can help!

What's in your trunk? 

Although you know you’ll never have all the answers, you still have questions. You also know God has made you for a purpose.

  • A mentor or accountability partner can help you on your journey.
  • Is God calling you to deepen your faith or skills by shifting to a Higher Gear?
  • Other resources can help,

P.  A.  T.  H.

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