Higher Gear

HIGHER GEAR:  Now that you’ve shifted through the lower gears, you’re using the higher gears to really cruise with Jesus.  You’ve realized that you will never have all the answers, but the desire to deepen your relationship with Jesus and other disciples is a high priority.  You’ve also realized that there are P.A.T.H.s that you need to revisit.  You are constantly bringing people to join you on the journey and pointing them to their own P.A.T.H.s and portions of the journey.  You are constantly using the gifts that God has given you and asking God to trust you with new gifts. 

Navigation Guide/GPS:  This final clover leaf on our highway reveals many other opportunities that you may have missed on the other clover leaves within Mosaic, so you reexplore.  You may also veer up the highway to additional opportunities outside Mosaic.  While you are traveling at this Higher Gear, in addition to regular maintenance, you’ll need:


You will most likely be leading a Small Group or another significant ministry.  In addition to having an accountability partner, you may have a Spiritual Director.   You will likely have regular and significant interaction with missionaries and ministry partners

Passengers & Pit Crew

You realize that in order to make it through the pot holes, flat tires and break downs of life, you need others on your journey. 

Roadside Kit

  • The Bible is part of you.  The Holy Spirit directs you to just the right passages for particular circumstances, but you are also actively preparing for those circumstances.    
  • You regularly review the Spiritual Disciplines and are no longer surprised when the Holy Spirit trusts you to be Christ’s ambassador in amazing circumstances.
  • You will join others on mission trips, and lead others on their journeys.  You bring others and Plus Ones to ALPHA
  • Prayer is your lifeline.  You seek out healing and soaking prayer opportunities and look for prayer appointments to focus on issues the Holy Spirit has revealed to you.  You learn what Paul meant by praying constantly, and without hesitancy you boldly pray for others.
  • You know what Jesus meant by directing you to “take up your cross and follow him.” You understand that sacrifice is part of your journey.  You give sacrificially and look for ways to give more.  You are excited to bring others to Financial Peace University, which will help them control the gifts God has entrusted them with.

What's in your trunk?  

You realize that your journey will never be complete until you go home to be with Jesus.  You know God has made you for a purpose, and you review the clover leaves you’ve already traveled to go deeper and catch opportunities you may have missed: Purpose, Accelerate, Travel.  You are looking at paths outside Mosaic, such as Seminary classes, Mission opportunities, relationships with lifelong Christian leaders and teachers, and you may even be exploring a call to more full-time ministry.  You may be helping Mosaic identify and create new resources!

 P.  A.  T.  H.

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