Deb Carr - Missionary

Deb's Vision

Deb’s vision for ministry in Belington is to “take back God’s land creating spaces of peace to nurture God’s people.” 

Some specific ways she’s fulfilling her mission: 

  • Celebrate Recovery – Deb and her husband lead a celebrate recovery chapter. Addiction is a major concern in their community. Many grandparents are raising their grandchildren as a result of parental addiction concerns. 
  • Mentorship- God has opened doors for her to do a lot of one on one mentorship with women. She has several one on one Bible studies and is seeing great fruit in these ladies lives as they are transformed by Jesus’ love!
  • Children’s ministry - teaching a Bible class to home schooled children. 
  • Deb has a mighty prayer ministry in her community. She spends a lot of time walking and praying asking God to give revelation and direction for the community. This has led to prayer walking with others in the community in a unified front to usher in God’s will for the community. 

Mosaic Ministry Partnership: 

  • Monthly financial support 
  • Deb has identified prayer intercession as a key area of partnership with Mosaic. This includes in our personal prayer times, offering to prayer walk with her virtually and when able, for day trips in person to host prayer services and do in person prayer walks.
  • Currently adopted by The Church Ladies Small Group.

Online & Indoor In-Person Services  10:00am 

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