ACCLERATE:  Once you share the driving with Jesus, the journey can be exhilarating!  Sometimes, it can be scary.  You may have questions like:  How can I grow in my faith? Who is the Holy Spirit and what does He do?  What does it mean that Jesus wants me to take up a cross? What is the church? 

Navigation Guide/GPS

Another clover leaf on our highway helps people, who have said “Yes” to following Jesus, accelerate with certainty (and safety). When you're looking to Accelerate, here are some helpful hints:

Checking your brakes  

There are many challenging topics related to sharing your journey with Jesus.  For example:

  • Sin is like having water in your gas tank,
  • Jesus being fully God and fully Human (and an excellent driver),
  • the Holy Spirit is an amazing navigator,
  • the Church is like a car dealership full of every vehicle you can imagine ready to join you on the journey,
  • knowing for sure where you are going, . . .. 

Passengers & Pit Crew  

You begin to see how we need on another on the journey. Small Groups contain some of the people who are traveling with you and helping you. You may begin to invite others to join you on a Front Porch.  Serving with others from your small group to make a difference for those in need can be impactful.   Even God lives in community as the Trinity, so we too need to be in community with our church family. 

Roadside Kit:  

  • The owner’s manual (Bible) contains the Old and New Testament, which seem so different. Learning with others help us see the unifying theme and purpose. 
  • Mosaic can show you how to use your gifts by helping others both INside (ministries) and OUTside Mosaic. You might even get to receive spiritual gifts from the Holy Spirit. 
  • We can learn so much from mission partners, missionaries, the persecuted church, and how other Christians have responded to difficult situations. You’ll hear testimonies of how God is moving.  
  • Sometimes God doesn’t answer prayer the way we want; but His answer will give us what we need.

What's in your trunk?  As questions begin to get answered, you realize there are even more questions: 

  • Who can I trust to help me on my journey? 
  • Is God calling me to invite others on the journey?
  • What area of faith is God calling me to take a much closer look at?
  • Financial Peace University can help you gain control over your wallet. 
  • Other resources can help begin to answer: What are the Creeds?  How can people really die for their faith? Does God really care about the little things in life?  Answers to questions like these help you Travel with certainty on the journey.

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