Our Mission

Inviting the West Hills communities on an adventure to be restored by God's grace, equipped by God's Spirit and sent by God's Son to engage the world.

Restored by God’s Grace

We are priceless to Jesus. He paid the ultimate price for us by substituting His life for our life. We deserve death because of our sinful nature, but Christ who was sinless took our place. Not only does Jesus take our place, but when the Father gazes upon Jesus' followers He sees us through Christ’s righteousness. We become a new creation.

We live in a fallen and sinful world and, as a result, we and all of creation are broken. We are in need of Jesus’ healing touch in our lives. He begins to heal us from the inside out. By God's grace He begins to restore us; He begins to redeem the brokenness in our lives. As a result, our lives are transformed!

Being restored to wholeness is only by God’s grace, it is not something we do or deserve. The complete restoration work will not occur until we are at home with Jesus.

Equipped by God’s Spirit

We each have a role in the body of believers. We are all given gifts so that the body of Christ can function together. The Holy Spirit equips each of us so that we can build up God's church. We are equipped so that we can share the Good News about Jesus with people who do not know Him yet.

Just as all the little pieces of glass fit together to form a mosaic, so we all function together as the body of Christ. One piece of broken glass is worthless, but when all the pieces are put together it creates a vibrant picture. 

Sent by God’s Son

God the Father sent His Son, Jesus on a rescue mission to save us.  In turn, Jesus sends us to share His love with others. The church is the vehicle by which Jesus chose to share His love, to remind people that there is a God who has not forgotten them. We engage the local community through various outreach opportunities. We engage the surrounding area through partnerships with ministry partners. We engage the world through missionaries we are supporting. We participate in short-term missions. 

We are passionate about sharing Jesus' love with all we encounter. 


Online & Indoor In-Person Services  10:00am 

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