Foundational Classes

OK, so maybe you have been attending Mosaic for awhile, or maybe you are ready to truly understand who Jesus is, or maybe you are ready to discover what His plans are for your life.  God wants you to take your next step spiritually.  Mosaic's adult education program is all about those next steps.

Discover Mosaic is designed to give you an understanding of Mosaic's vision, purpose and beliefs.

Discover Jesus consists of foundational classes which focus on a relationship with Jesus and deepening your relationship with Him.  Two classes are offered:

  • Discover101: Journey of Faith - Are you a new believer, recently returning to the church, or unsure about the existence of God?  Do you have questions about Jesus and His claims? If you are looking for solid truth about what it means to follow Jesus, Discover101 is the next step.  In six weeks, Discover101 will help you grow in your relationship with Jesus, engage with Him in your daily life, wrestle with real issues of faith, and experience honest community.
  • Discover201: Hearing from God - Does God really talk to us? Can we really hear His voice?  The answer is "yes."  In five weeks, Discover201 will help you learn to recognize the ways He speaks to you.

Discover You consists of foundational classes which focus on our relationships with each other.  Currently, one class is offered:

  • "How I'm Wired" - Everyone's life is loaded with undeniable evidence of God's incredible plans for them, but how do you unpack all those details to discover who you are in Christ and how this impacts your daily life?  Using various surveys, How I'm Wired will enable you to discover why you think a particular way, why you love others in a particular way, and how you fit into your family, work place and the church.

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