Who We Are

Ordinary people who believe that our Extraordinary God can and will work in & through us in the name of Jesus Christ and by the working power of the Holy Spirit

What We Desire

To see God gloified through the prayers of any believer as we pray for/with His people to be restored to wholeness and wellness.

What We Believe

That as God’s Word goes out from our mouths it will not return empty, but accomplish that for which the Lord has purposed. ~ Isaiah 55:11

What We Do

The Prayer Team offers the following ministries:

  • Prayer Soaking Services
    • These one hour services occur three times a year.  You may come for five minutes or stay for sixty minutes.  Soft instrumental music plays as you enter the worship space.  It is an opportunity to come and be quiet before God. These services are a gift to all who participate.
  • Special ONLINE ONLY Prayer Soaking Service 
  • Prayer Appointments
    • These are individual appointments, which are an opportunity to allow the Lord to minister to you over a particular issue.  Two people from the prayer ministry will pray with you during this appointment. All prayer appointments are confidential. Please allow 90 minutes for these appointments. Contact the Director of Prayer Ministry, Cheryl Mattioli to set up a prayer appointment. 
  • Prayer on Sunday Mornings
    • Following the worship service on Sunday morning, the Prayer Team is available to pray with you in the Prayer Room. 
    • During Worship Services that offer communion, there is prayer available before or after receiving communion. 

For more information or questions contact Cheryl Mattioli,