PURPOSE:  If there is a God, does he have a purpose for me?  Who is Jesus? Why should I care?  How can I become a follower of Jesus?  GREAT QUESTIONS!!

Navigation Guide/GPS:  Each one of us is on a journey called life. Mosaic uses the graphic of a clover leaf highway to represent the P.A.T.H. people take on their faith journey.  When you're looking at your PURPOSE and basic questions about the Christian faith, here are some ways you can get answers:

Start your engines! 

Mosaic uses a course called ALPHA to help get started and answer many of the questions you have.  It’s also a great way to meet other people. Look for the next ALPHA course!

Passengers & Pit Crew.  

You are not alone!  There are many folks who are on this journey with you.  You can meet some of these people at Front Porch events. There may also be a short-term “small group” designed to follow-up on the ALPHA course. 

Roadside Kit:

  • The Bible is like our owner’s manual; it tells the story about God and people.  The Bible is a big book.  It’s hard to know where to start, so we’re here to help you!   
  • We know you’re an excellent driver, but did you know that God also gave you other gifts? Mosaic can help you discover those gifts!
  • Worship is a special way to begin to enter into a relationship with God. We hope you will join us for worship Sunday mornings and get to know some of our folks. You can find our service times here
  • Prayer is simply talking with God. Learning how to talk with Him and talking with others who have been on the journey can be really helpful; especially as unexpected things happen.

What's in your trunk?  

There are many other questions we all have: 

  • How can I make a difference?  You may want to park and give someone else a hand.  Mosaic calls these OUTs.
  • Other resources can help begin to answer: Why do bad things happen to people?  If God is love, why do I hurt?  Exploring the answers to questions like these will help you Accelerate on your journey. 

 P.  A.  T.  H.


Online & Indoor In-Person Services  10:00am 

Join us Sunday