Mission Partners Video 2021


Jesus models raising up servant leaders through intentional relationship. He intentionally gave his life to a group of 12 men and expected them to do likewise. Jesus commands his disciples to “love the Lord your God with all of your heart, mind and soul and to love your neighbor as yourself”- Matthew 22:37. It’s based on these commands that Mosaic’s Vision is to “engage the world with Christ’s love.” These commands reflect three layers of relationship-

1. Relationship with God- UP

2. Relationship with one another in the church- IN

3. Relationship with our neighbors in the world- OUT.

From Jesus’ example we see relationship is critical to raising up Christ centered disciples within Mosaic as well as forming meaningful partnerships that will have a Kingdom impact in our community and across the globe. 

We desire for all of our ministry to be defined by the Holy Spirit’s leading through prayer. We desire our mission partners to see Mosaic as a vital prayer partner. 

To develop Spirit led, relationship driven partnerships, each of our Small Groups has adopt one of Mosaic’s Mission Partners. A small group member serves as a Mission Liaison engaging in monthly communication and prayer with their partner. Each small group acts as a prayer partner and relational bridge between the mission partner and the greater Mosaic community. 

We regularly feature updates from our Mission Partners during our Sunday Services. There are opportunities to engage in ministry with our Mission Partners through your small group and periodically through corporate events. 

Additionally, we disciple believers to live out the great commission with their friends and family through Front Porches.

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