COVID-19 Updates

Certainly, we are living in challenging times.  As we emerge from this pandemic, each of us will have our own story to tell.  There is a story, which never changes.  It is story, which brings healing and transformation.  This story began over two thousand years ago.  Jesus walked this earth to bring healing, to give us new life.  This story continues to be told today and the mission remains the same.

Everyone has different personal circumstances, which effects how comfortable they are in public settings.  Mosaic completely understands.  For those who are ready to regather, we have worked hard to create a safe space while following appropriate guidelines.

Mosaic is gathering for IN-PERSON worship Sundays at 10 am on Sunday.  This service does have live music.  As of April 11, 2021 you no longer need to register for church.  Throughout the summer four outdoor worship services for the entire church will be offered.**

We will continue to have our ON-LINE service at 10 am (click here to engage live).   If you were not able to connect with us live on Sunday at 10am, there are several ways to participate throughout the week.  You can engage in the service from our Website, Facebook Page, and our Vimeo account.  


  • Hand Santizing Stations throughout the facility 
  • The offering basket is not passed

Extra Measures 

  • All chairs and areas have been disinfected with Bactrokill & other cleaning products, which kill 99% of germs
  • Please bring your own beverages.  Water fountains & the coffee bar are not available. 

SOCIAL DISTANCING:  Mosaic will have chairs setup 6 feet apart.  We know it is not natural, but we ask that you do not shake hands, fist bump or hug anyone while inside.   

FACE MASKS:  Please bring a face mask that you will be comfortable wearing properly, covering your nose and mouth, while you are inside. Complimentary masks are available should you forget your mask. If you are not able to wear a mask properly for any reason we have an online worship service. 

** Outdoor Worship Service AND Kids Crossing

Four outdoor worship services are offered throughout the summer of 2021.  The services will be held at Donaldson Park on May 16, June 6, August 15, and September 19.  Please bring a soccer chair, your own beverage, an umbrella, and a mask.  If you are unable to maintain social distancing outside, we ask that you wear your mask. 

Kids Crossing will be offered during these outdoor services.  

CHILDREN:  Kids Crossing is moving to Donaldson Park, starting May 2, 2021. A Family Worship Service designed to engage children and parents will be offered every Sunday at 10am regardless of the weather.  Bring an umbrella, soccer chair, and a mask.   The Family Worship Services will be held every Sunday, except May 16, June 6, August 15, and September 19.  These Sundays the entire church will gather for outdoor worship at Donaldson Park. 

For more information contact our Family Life Director, Timothy Guiliani, at  

Should parents decide they want to bring their children to the indoor worship service, the children will need to stay with them and maintain social distancing from non-family members for the entirety of the service.  We desire for church to be a positive experience for children, so parents, please be realisitic about your kids. 

PLEASE STAY HOME IF during the 14 days prior to joining us, you:

  • Have any cold* or flu like symptoms;
  • Have been in close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID, unless you are fully vaccinated. 

This is extremely important in order to love and care for one another. We look forward to seeing you once you are able.

*Because of the symptoms associated with COVID-19,  for those who do not work digitally, a cold is enough to keep someone home from work.  For some, if they are not able to go to work physically, the person does not get paid. This can be a hardship.  Therefore, for the sake of one another, if someone develops a cold, we ask for you to stay at home and to care for yourself.   


All of these measures are only as good as far as we all follow them.  We will need to work together.  As Paul tells us in his first letter to the church in Corinth,  “No one should seek their own good, but the good of others,” (10:24, NIV).  We are doing this for one another.   



Online & In-Person  10:00am 

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