Family Life Ministry


Our Family Life Ministry strives to provide a comprehensive and cohesive set of ministries that enriches every member of the family, in every phase of their lives; equips family members with tools that will encourage the discussion and development of their faith while they’re at home; and enables families to grow stronger together while growing deeper in their own personal relationships with Jesus.


To help each family member find their place in God’s amazing adventure while supporting and encouraging each other along life’s most fulfilling journey.

Mosaic desires for every individual to be restored by God's grace, equipped by God's Holy Spirit and sent by God's Son to engage the world.  In Mosaic’s Family Life Ministry, we apply these same desires for the family as a unit: desiring for families to become stronger families and for each member of the family to encourage one another in the plans that God has set out for them.  

Mosaic is a partner for your family in every season, providing wisdom, encouragement and hope through life's many obstacles and adventures.

For questions or additional information, contact:

Timothy Guiliani
Family Life Ministry Director