Junior Warden

Junior Warden Job Description

Maintenance is an important part of keeping a facility operating safely and efficiently. This responsibility typically falls to the Junior Warden, whose task is traditionally to maintain the upkeep of the building(s) and grounds. A written routine maintenance schedule supports performing this function efficiently.

The guidelines below are intended to aid in identifying items requiring maintenance and developing corresponding maintenance and replacement schedules.

Leased Space

  • Ensure location of paperwork regarding lease
  • Develop a relationship with owner of building
  • Ensure communication with owner of building regarding ongoing issues


  • Assemble a master key set for building and trailer.
  • Develop a master document for passwords, combinations (i.e., safe, lock box, padlocks, et al).
  • Assemble warranty documents including purchase receipts.
  • Communicate with Rector, Administrator, and Sexton regarding buildings and grounds
  • Work with Rector and/or Finance Committee regarding budgetary needs for buildings and grounds

Maintenance Log Book

The creation and upkeep of a Maintenance Log Book can be a useful tool in supporting a program for equipment care and facilities maintenance. A record of equipment information is also helpful in developing a replacement plan. In addition, a Maintenance Log Book can also make the transfer of responsibility smoother and easier.

  • Record the following for equipment as applicable:
    • +  Equipment name (i.e., water heater, refrigerator, printer, trailer)
    • +  Manufacturer’s name
    • +  Model
    • +  Serial Number
    • +  Purchase date
    • +  Purchased from (name, address, phone, etc.)
    • +  Warranty information
  • Review items stored in the trailer
  • Develop equipment/structure(s)/grounds maintenance schedules as applicable.
  • Develop replacement schedules as applicable.
  • Develop contact list of suppliers, contractors, service & repair organizations.
  • Track repairs and/or replacement of major items (i.e., date, warranty, supplier, etc.).



  • Develop routine maintenance/upkeep plans:
  • Schedule annual buildings and grounds maintenance
    • Identify projects
      • Painting
      • Window Washing
      • Repairs, if needed
      • Landscaping as appropriate
      • Changing Light Bulbs
      • Organize storage areas, including trailer
    • Oversight or identify a project manager for annual buildings and grounds
  • Ensure Ceiling Tiles changed out when necessary

Safety Fire & Community Compliance:

  • Ensure administrator has completed the Safety Fire inspection.
    • +  Perform annual walk through with local fire department/fire marshal.
    • +  Annual inspection/refill/replacement of fire extinguishers by fire department.
    • +  Emergency lighting tested annually by fire inspector.
  • Ensure annual water overflow test has occurred


    • +  Develop an emergency evacuation plan.  
    • +  Ensure adequate evacuation route signage.
    • +  Inspect all emergency exits quarterly.
    • +  Keep emergency evacuation routes clear of obstruction. 
    • +  Assemble/maintain basic first aid kit.


*adapted from Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh Board of Trustees

**adopted February 2024

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