Young Adults: "Bridging The Gap"

Who We Are

“Bridging The Gap” is a ministry for young adults as they transition from high school into the next chapter of their life. It’s often a fun, but overwhelming season that is marked by continuous transition.

What We Desire

We desire to walk alongside young adults and model Christ’s love so that they see the church as a place to recharge; a place to feel secure; a place to grow, relax, build others up, have fun, serve others and so much more!  And, while many young adults may find themselves physically far away, we want them to know that Mosaic holds a home for them; that they are cared for by our community; and that we are praying for them.

When We Meet

Several seasonal events are planned when young adults tend to be near the “home base." These events are a chance for young adults to gather as a community, enjoy each other’s company, encourage one another as they walk through life’s many transitions and deepen their faith in Christ. Check out our calendar for more details about upcoming Bridging the Gap activities! 

For questions or additional information contact: 
Tim Guiliani
Family Life Ministry Director