Tim Guiliani

Timothy Guiliani, Family Life Ministry Director


Tim and Shay have pioneering spirits, as they have been a part of Mosaic since its' inception.  Tim was thrilled to transition from volunteering with the student ministry to being part of the staff.  

Tim's leads the Family Life Ministry at Mosaic.  This ministry encompasses children from birth to young adults.  The ministry's goal is to care for the family as a whole.  In addition, to Sunday morning ministry, this ministry focus is on the 167 hours outside of the church. Family Life Ministry offers to parents resources to aid in raising kids in a healthy Christ-centered home.  As a father of two young boys, he understands the demands on young families.  

Tim has served in ministry with students for more than a decade. Tim and his wife, Shay, have two little boys, Dante and Dominic.  They have a vitalized marriage, working together to raise their sons to follow Jesus.